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Not your typical one size fits all facial. This classic European style treatment is individually tailored to meet your skin’s unique needs. Includes a skin analysis, cleansing & exfoliation, steam & massage, gentle extractions, a custom mask & hydration.


This treatment, designed exclusively for teens, is a good way to introduce your teen to the basics of good skin care. This treatment includes a skin analysis, deep cleansing, gentle extractions & a balancing mask. At the conclusion of this facial, home care tips & skin care advice is provided to maintain healthy skin.


Far Infrared Body Wraps have been shown to eliminate toxins, provide stress relief, promote weight loss and soothe sore muscles and joints in a short, 30 minute session. You should arrive for your appointment in light, cotton socks, long pants and long sleeve shirt to provide a barrier between your skin and the wrap. Please bring a change of clothes to re-dress in after your session as you will sweat during your treatment. You will lay in the Infrared wrap, we will zip you up and you will relax as calories & stress is melted away from your body. After the session you will be given a cold towel and dry towel and can change into your extra set of clothing.

– Far IR therapy can detoxify your body due by producing sweating that moves harmful elements out of your body, promotes relaxation by balancing the body’s level of cortisol and relaxing muscles, thus reducing stress. Sweating burns calories. IR therapy raises the core body temperature to help burn calories and stimulates metabolism.

Facial Bar Services


Dull skin cells are gently removed with our ultrasound spatula. Next, ultrasound waves are used to push a custom blend of serums into your skin  before an oxygen mask is applied to brighten your complexion. Microdermabrasion without the irritation!


This hydrating treatment begins with cleansing and exfoliation with our Ultrasound Scrubber, our marine enzyme is applied under warm towels. Next, we choose a treatment serum appropriate for your skin type and infuse it into your skin with our Hydraderm wand. An Oxygen treatment is applied followed by a fortifying Seaweed mask. This treatment ends with a treatment cream, serum and lip balm.


After your skin is analyzed, a combination of Radiofrequency, for tightening, Ultrasound, to exfoliate and tone, Microcurrent, to lift, and LED light therapy is applied to address a variety of concerns, including, dull, dehydrated and aging skin.

LEVEL 1 PEEL- $65.00

Light exfoliation that is good for occasional breakouts and an overall brightening effect on your complexion.

– AHA w/Kojic Acid exfoliates and evens skin tone

– Lemon Zest Enzyme brightens your complexion

– Salicylic Acid good for mild breakouts and reducing acne causing oil and debris

After an analysis we will choose the best peel to address your concerns. Light exfoliation with no downtime.

LEVEL 2 PEEL- $85.00

Good for sun damage and fine lines. Pure Glycolic Acid is applied to promote cellular turnover and reduce the signs of aging. *Some redness/flaking may occur

LEVEL 3 PEEL- $135.00

These peels address more serious concerns.

Cranberry Turnover Peel removes acne causing oil and debris that cause breakouts, resurfaces and refines pores and inhibits inflammation.

Perfection Peel helps improve sun damage, acne scars, fine lines and uneven skin tone.

After an analysis we will choose the right peel for your concerns. Some “downtime” including redness, peeling/flaking

Natural Spray Tanning

Standard Overnight Rinse- $45 Rapid Rinse- $55

Safe and natural… We use an aloe based Natural/Vegan solution to give you a beautiful bronzed glow. We carefully analyze your skin tone & coloring, discuss your expectations and choose a color that will suit you perfectly! We follow the contours of your body and use an HVLP tanning system to ensure even coverage. Our Standard Solution comes in 3 different levels of color. We will help you choose the depth of color that best suits your desired outcome. This solution must remain on your skin for a minimum of 8-10 hours (or overnight) before rinsing. Our Rapid Rinse solution gives you the convenience of an earlier rinse time depending on the desired depth of color. 2 hours- light tan, 3 hours- medium tan, 4 hours- dark tan.


Brows- $20.00 Lip- $10.00 Chin- $15.00

Underarm- $23.00 Full Leg- $60.00 1/2 Leg- $45.00

Basic Bikini- $35.00 Extreme Bikini- $45.00 Brazilian Bikini- $65.00

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